Electric mini tractor Electro Base
Small, light and maneuverable tractor for work in industry and agriculture, is mini-tractor for agriculture, construction and transportation of goods
2 configurations
Прототип разрабатывается на основе машинокпомлекта ШУС-001 «Федор»
Low operating costs
Mobile energy source
The electric mini-tractor can be used as a mobile power source to auxiliary equipment up to 1 kW. It can serves as a PowerBank.
Able to operate in any rooms
Because there is no exhaust fumes
Low noise level
Electric mini-tractor
The plane on takeoff
Solar charge
The storage battery can be recharged from renewable energy sources as solar panels and wind turbines
Engine with reverse and recuperation
The platform moves at the required speed and maximum torque in both directions
Snow cleaning image
4 hours
Power reserve, from 1 hour on a full charge
620 kg
Weight of mini tractor
3.9 kW
Motor power
2 meters
Turning radius in place
For agricultural operations (plowing, harrowing, cultivation, mowing, pushing feed for cattle on farms, etc.) in a small area.
0.6 ha/h
0.7 m
Capture width
vehicle preview
Доступные агро-модули
Plow and hiller
Deep tillage. Plowing depth – 25 cm, Plowing width – 0,5 m, Adjustable row width.
Rear attachments
Allows to install plow, hiller, harrow and other attachments
Front shovel
Used for levelling and cleaning of area, shoveling of garbage and movement of bulk cargo. Shovel width – 1,5 m. Can rotate in both directions in angle 20º
For use in a workshop, in a warehouse, on Russian Railways platforms as a vehicle for transporting goods or as a tractor.
0,4 kN
Tractive power
3 tons
Weight of towed trailer on asphalt road
600 kg
Carrying capacity
vehicle preview
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